Turf Rescue, a New Biochar Product to Keep Lawns Green While Using Less Water

gI_96689_Turf Rescue comparison
In this news from prweb, an new technology company focuses on the advancement of biochar, elementC6, is introducing Turf Rescue, the first biochar-based soil amendment created especially to keep lawns green while using at least 35 percent less water. This is a great news for California, currently in a severe drought situation.

Turf Rescue’s biochar component acts like a sponge to retain water and nutrients at the grass root zone, increasing water use efficiency and reducing the need for fertilizer. Agromin’s OMRI-listed Compost 100 inoculates the biochar thereby incorporating beneficial microbes directly into the biochar and enhancing the process. “With California expanding its restrictions on water use, Turf Rescue is the perfect solution for cities, sports parks, golf courses, HOAs, commercial properties and homeowners who want to maintain green lawns while preserving California most precious resource, our water,” says Rick Wilson, vice-president of Cool Planet.

Photo credit: preweb.com

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