Helping the Rwanda Farmers to Farm More Efficiently with Biochar

In this article, Monaco Prince Albert II funded projects to train Rwanda farmers in using biochar to farm in more efficiently.


Our shared belief in integrated solutions led us to join forces this September to expand FXB’s poverty-eradication program in Rwanda using biochar, a carbon byproduct that can be deployed to sequester carbon while simultaneously enriching the soil.

In January 2016, farmers in Rubona, Rwanda, will be able to use a kiln provided by FXB to produce up to 100 kg of biochar a day, without shouldering the prohibitive costs of obtaining equipment. As we have seen in the pilot program, they will increase their crop yields, resulting in more to eat and more to sell at market. In addition to their surplus vegetables, farmers will be encouraged to sell biochar itself. This will be an additional source of income and community-led way of encouraging climate-friendly, agricultural practices in nearby villages.

The local production and sale of biochar also fulfills the FXB program goal of providing funding for an income-generating activity, a key element of FXB’s successful methodology that has lifted more than 82,000 people out of extreme poverty over the past 26 years.

Image Courtesy: Jeff Hutchens | Getty Images

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