Turning Trash into Biochar While Reducing the Trash Volume, Smell, and Producing Fertilizer

In this article, the city of Cebu of Philippines encouraged and trained the farmers to turn trash into biochar in order to reduce the trash volume, the smell and produce the fertilizer at the same time.

Aside from reducing the city’s trash, Philip Camara, president of the Philippine Biochar Association, said the farmers can earn additional income if they use the technology. During the workshop held earlier this month, Camara said that if one uses 15 sacks of raw ipa, it can generate nine sacks of rice hull biochar, which can be sold for P450. It can also produce 10 liters of raw liquefied smoke that can be sold for P1,000. Camara said the farmers can make their own equipment that will process the waste for only P600. It can cook the biochar in 12 hours. Cabrera said the City Government intends to purchase the biochar products from the farmers.

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